Become a SMART school

The most comprehensive and affordable data-driven platform for your school. In one click, add teachers, students, parents and staff to a single system with desktop, web, mobile and SMS capabilities.

Supa School - Features

Supa School gives any school the most up-to-date comprehensive and easy to use school management system, with simplicity, mobile integration, and seamless functionality at its core. The functions Supa School offers are outlined below.


Plug and Play

A plug-and-play system that works for your school, online an offline from anywhere.

Your Analytics

A user-friendly dashboard with visual representations of all the data you would need.


A financial management system that integrates mobile money and debit/credit cards.


Manage your school calendar with notifications and text reminders on web and mobile.

Talent Mngt.

A complete HR tool in-built, complete with leave management, payroll, departments and more.

Online Library

A digital library that allows for digital tracking of library material and learning resources.

Online Exams

Schools can host their exams online and have students do assessments in real-time on web and mobile

Student Mngt.

Work with your classmates on projects and assignments with a teachers’ help.


An income and expenditure record system promoting centralization, efficiency, and transparency.


A bulk text (SMS) and email system with an online noticeboard visible on our mobile app.


An attendance roster that has both parents and teachers filling in student data to avoid lapses.

Digital ID

Manual and Automated ID creation with magnetic strips and/or chip technology capability.


Supa School will  integrate with Kenya national education management information system.

Bulk Uploads

All the data you need for KS3 can be uploaded through various formats including CSV and XLS

I.T. Simplified

We will manage all the changes in system updates and security, keeping your experience smooth.

24/7 Support

We are on call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week ready to support your school when you need it.