who said learning can't be fun

Somanasi, brings the future of learning to your students. Somanasi blends interactive learning content, including textbooks, audiobooks, assessments, and courses, into a single, AI supported mobile app.

Somanasi is a dynamic platform offers a wealth of interactive learning content, including textbooks, audiobooks, assessments, and courses, all brought together in one AI-supported mobile app. The gamification element that fosters incentive-driven learning, encouraging students to take an active role in their education  creates a vibrant online learning community where students collaborate, support one another, and are rewarded for their efforts, making education not just a requirement but an enjoyable journey. Somanasi allows students to embrace mistakes as part of their learning experience, motivating them for continuous improvement

With Somanasi, students benefit from personalized learning supported by AI. They can learn at their own pace, accessing engaging materials and AI feedback that keeps them motivated. This not only improves learning outcomes but also makes education more accessible and enjoyable. Somanasi helps bridge the gap in education by offering an inclusive and interactive learning experience, thus fostering a stronger, more knowledgeable generation of students. Join the educational transformation, embrace the future of learning with Somanasi.

Somanasi features

Digital Textbooks

Find digital textbooks and learning resources for rent for both students and educators.

Learn with videos

Watch video courses on all the subjects you have been learning in class and keep up.

Listen to Audiobooks

Bringing stories and text to life for different age groups and literacy levels.

Classroom chat

Work with your classmates on projects and assignments with a teachers’ help.


Renting content is so much cheaper than buying, so everything on Somanasi is for rent. Or for free.

Safe & secure

We keep your privacy and security a priority. So you know we have you safe from people outside your learning groups.

Online tutors

Get tutors on the app and learn with teachers ready to go at your pace. It’s simple, affordable and personalized.

24/7 support

We know sometimes you sleep late or are up early to catch up. Get help whenever you need it with our 24/7 support team.