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The Kytabu App is now SOMANASI

Kytabu started as an app for students to access learning content (textbooks, audiobooks, assessments and courses) for rent on an hourly, daily, weekly and school-term timeline. We have never left our core plan, we just rebranded the app. It’s now Somanasi (Swahili for ‘learn with us‘)

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Our Partners

Our Partners

Somanasi is an android application for phones and tablets that enables students to rent curriculum textbooks using mobile money. The digital textbooks are divided into chapters, and those chapters divided into topics. The fractured content is linked to individual animations and audio files that reduce the dependence of learners on teachers. The additional ability to leases the fractured content for either an hour, day, week, month or school term, reduces the cost and data costs of the content by as much as 72%, and in some cases, by 1/1000 of the original price.

Somanasi helps publishers measure real-time user growth and development, and use this data to improve the content and close the feedback loop between the content creator and the end user. This is a never-before seen interaction between content consumers in desperate situations and the content creators.

As a students app, Somanasi also integrates social functions such as chats, collaborative assignments, video classes, tutoring and assessments to the app. This way, students can work together towards completing projects and assignments in a fun learning environment.

Somanasi: Some features of our new app

Digital Textbooks

Find digital textbooks and learning resources for rent for both students and educators.

Learn with videos

Watch video courses on all the subjects you have been learning in class and keep up.


Bringing stories and text to life for different age groups and literacy levels.

Classroom chat

Work with your classmates on projects and assignments with a teachers’ help.

Very Affordable

Renting content is so much cheaper than buying, so everything on Somanasi is for rent. Or for free.

Safe and secure

We keep your privacy and security a priority. So you know we have you safe from people outside your learning groups.

Online tutors

Get tutors on the app and learn with teachers ready to go at your pace. It’s simple, affordable and personalized.

24/7 support

We know sometimes you sleep late or are up early to catch up. Get help whenever you need it with our 24/7 support team.

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