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Kytabu's COVID-19 Response for Schools and Students

KYTABU cares, and we want to help. In 2021, we are still working through the repercussions if the COVID-19 school closures from 2020. Most, if not all schools, teachers, parents and students are struggling to catch up to what they left off last year. Supporting and managing teachers as virtual teams, with parents as support staff, is the new norm.

Our Super School Management Software was built to work with low-tech online learning environments. We are making it free through 2021 and helping schools get up to date on technology that is affordable and relevant to your school. Click here if you would like to know more.

A complete software suite for education.

Affordable. Accessible. Everywhere.

Students can learn at their pace, in our creators’ engaging courses.

This is Kytabu for students

Do you need to get textbooks for your school quickly and affordably anywhere you are? Or are you trying to study but you cannot understand the content and do not have a teacher at hand? Then the Kytabu app is your new best friend.

In an easy to use application, you have access to all the material you would need to excel in the Kenyan Curriculum in the palm of your hand. Built for collaboration, fun and interaction, Kytabu is built to make learning easy, fun, interactive and affordable, on mobile, and in 2020, on desktops too.

Download Kytabu and join in.

Formulas, Practice, Test & Exams.

On your phone or your tablet.

Preparing for KCSE and KCPE? Here are all the papers from the last 10 years and explainer videos and examples that can get you ahead. Go see for yourself what KNEC and Kytabu have for you.



Find all your required textbooks for rent.


Watch videos on all topics by great tutors.


Listen to plays, set-books and audio books.


Collaborate with your class and teachers.


Find past exams and C.A.T.s


Learn through video courses.

Save Money

Everything is for rent!

Mobile Money

Kytabu is Mobile money friendly.

Some local and international awards Kytabu has received

Our Publisher Partners

We partner with top publishers and experienced authors that recognize the need to deliver high-quality digital content that fits the national curriculum and is geared towards easy learning.

Are you a teacher?

Earn Additional Income

You can teach online or offline (physical visits) and earn extra money.

Digital Classroom

Manage your classes digitally. You can provide homework, problem training, or tryouts as well as monitor student progress online.

Access to Past Papers

We have a regularly updated catalogue with past papers as per the current education system. A wonderful revision and exam preparation tool.

New Methodology

Apply new methods of teaching to everyday lessons and spark the interest of your students.

Join our growing community

Get to know more about Kytabu and join our community of fun learning and fun activities all around schools in Kenya. We are currently looking for teachers interested in creating digital content. Are you one of them? Click the button to join in.
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