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Kytabu Super School

Kytabu is supporting schools working towards using online interventions for their parents, teachers and students through our Super School Information Management System and a set of mobile apps. Kytabu Super School gives any school the most comprehensive and easy to use school management system, with simplicity, mobile integration, and seamless functionality at its core.

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SOMANASI - Learn together

SOMANASI as an app for students to access learning content (textbooks, audio books, assessments and courses) on an hourly, daily, weekly and school-term timeline. Somanasi (Swahili for ‘learn with us‘) integrates the power of social interaction that social media applications have with the functionality of education tools like Zoom and Google for students to enjoy learning on a mobile device.

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Hodari - The Teachers App

Hodari is a mobile app that will help teachers with the administrative tasks the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) requires them to fulfill. Hodari is faster, cheaper and more reliable to a physical book, connecting the data entered by teachers to the Kytabu Super School, Information Management System. This will allow teachers more time to interact with their students, engage with other teachers and improve their teaching skills using the training videos on the app.

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Students can learn at their pace, in our creators’ engaging courses.

What Kytabu does different | Meet Access, Affordability, Convenience


Digital textbooks for rent for educators and students


Watch videos on all subjects and topics by hyper-localized tutors.


Listen to plays, set-books and audio books.


Collaborations with classmates and teachers make learning fun.


Do self or group assessments and find past exams to try out.


Find complete video courses on all subjects for educators and students.

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Access the all-you-can-study pass for Kes 100 ($1) a month.

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Use mobile money for your subscription from anywhere.

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