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Empower your students, educators, and institution with engaging tools for continuous growth and lasting motivation in learning and teaching.

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SOMANASI - for students

Somanasi tailors educational content to suit each student’s unique learning style and requirements, ensuring that vital concepts are presented in a manner that resonates best with them. This customization encompasses individualized curriculum materials, course programs, and assessment questions, pinpointing specific areas where a student requires additional support and guidance to teachers on Hodari.

Gamification encourages incentive-driven learning fostering a vibrant learning community for collaboration, support, and rewards, enhancing their educational journey and making it engaging and enjoyable.

  • Interactive Learning: Dynamic textbooks, audiobooks, and courses.
  • Personalized Learning: AI-supported tutor for self-paced learning.
  • Embrace Mistakes: Viewing mistakes as part of the learning journey.
  • Motivation: Keep students motivated for continuous improvement.
  • Community: Foster collaboration providing support and rewards.

HODARI - for Teachers

Hodari serves as every teacher’s classroom assistant, efficiently managing grading, lesson planning, and administrative tasks. Hodari also pulls in data from Somanasi making it easier for teachers to have interventions for their students.

This streamlines classroom administration and enhances the teaching experience by providing more time for what truly matters – teaching and dedicated student support. The result is an empowered and more efficient teaching workforce.

  • Classroom Administration: No paperwork, just simple clicks.
  • Lesson Planning: Your personalized engaging lesson plans quickly.
  • Professional Development: Access updated training resources.
  • Student Tracking: The most reliable and accurate record-keeping.
  • Collaborative Community: Join a supportive community of educators.

SUPA School - for schools

Supa School is a smarter, more efficient school management experience. The dynamic AI-powered system empowers school administrators with valuable insights, streamlining operations and simplifying support for students, teachers, and parents.

  • Data Insights: Gain valuable foresight with data-driven insights.
  • Cost Reduction: Save money and optimize resource allocation.
  • Seamless Operations: Streamline your school’s daily tasks.
  • Enhanced Communication: Improve interactions in your school community.
Tailored  to serve 27,000+ Kenyan primary schools, Supa School is accessible on web, desktop, and mobile. Claim your school to and experience the future of education.

It's simple. No tech skills needed.

With education resources being costly and limited, the opportunity AI brings to schools, educators and learners greatly increases access, affordability and relevance. Enjoy it’s benefits today.

Access. Affordability. Convenience.

We are imagining Kenya’s pioneering Large Language Model (LLM) for primary school education. Tailored with curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of Kenyan students, while offering a globally representative educational experience it would provide a comprehensive range of educational tools and content to bring about a transformational learning journey.


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Assessments with AI have never been more helpful


Join live courses on all subjects by local teachers

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COVID may have started the migration to digital learning, but at Kytabu, we believe it is every student and educator’s biggest asset for the future of education.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Kytabu, and what products do you offer?

Kytabu is an innovative education technology company dedicated to transforming the way students, educators, and schools access and engage with educational content and tools. Our mission is to provide a holistic learning ecosystem that enhances the quality of education in Kenya.

How can Kytabu's products benefit schools and educational institutions?

Accessing Kytabu’s products is easy and convenient. Our products are primarily designed to serve the Kenyan educational community. Here’s how you can access them: SOMANASI and HODARI are mobile apps on Android and iOS. Supa School is on the web and has a windows desktop version. While our primary focus is on the Kenyan educational landscape, we are continuously exploring opportunities to expand our reach to other regions and countries. Stay tuned for updates on our global expansion efforts.

What kind of educational content does Kytabu offer?

Kytabu offers a diverse range of educational content tailored to the needs of students, educators, and schools. Our content includes:

Generative AI Tutor (Somanasi): Somanasi, one of our products, features a generative AI tutor that provides personalized assistance to students. This tutor helps students practice at their own pace, learn from mistakes, and stay motivated to improve.

Digital Teacher Assistant (Hodari): Hodari, another product in our lineup, serves as a digital teacher assistant. It assists teachers with administrative tasks related to the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) and connects this data to the Kytabu Supa School Information Management System.

Textbooks: We provide a collection of digital textbooks covering various subjects and grade levels. These textbooks are designed to align with local curriculum requirements, making them a valuable resource for students and teachers.

Audiobooks: Audiobooks are an excellent tool for auditory learners. We offer audiobooks that allow students to listen to educational content, making learning more accessible and engaging.

Assessments: Our platform includes interactive assessments and quizzes that help students gauge their understanding of various subjects. These assessments are designed to reinforce learning and support exam preparation.

Courses: Kytabu offers online courses that cover a wide range of topics and subjects. These courses are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills in various fields.

Our goal is to provide a holistic and comprehensive learning experience for students and educators, with a focus on enhancing access to quality education.

How can I access Kytabu's educational resources?

Accessing Kytabu’s educational resources is easy and convenient. Here’s how:

Website: The links to our apps and school system are on our website ( and you can explore our offerings or access Supa School directly from your web browser.

Mobile Apps: Download our mobile apps like Somanasi and Hodari to access our content on your smartphone or tablet. Our apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can find them on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

School Integration: For schools using Supa School, educational resources are integrated into the system to support teachers, students, and parents and we have both a web app and desktop interface. Reach out to us to claim your school account.

Supa School: If your school is part of our Supa School program, you can access the Supa School Information Management System from the Kytabu website by clicking on “Login” on the top right corner of your screen on both mobile and web.

Whether you’re a student, educator, or parent, Kytabu is committed to making educational resources easily accessible to help you achieve your learning and teaching goals.

What is the Supa School Information Management System and how does it work?

Supa School IMS is at the forefront of transforming the educational landscape by leveraging AI to offer a seamless solution for schools, educators, students, and parents. It streamlines administrative tasks, promotes effective communication, and enhances the overall learning experience.

*How it Works:*

*For Schools:*
Supa School IMS seamlessly integrates with a school’s existing operations, eliminating the need for traditional paperwork and standalone, bulky school management systems. By connecting with Hodari and Somanasi, it creates a direct link between teachers, students, and the school. The system provides a centralized dashboard for administrators to access real-time data, make data-driven decisions, and optimize resource allocation more effectively.

*For Educators:*
Hodari and Somanasi integrate with Supa School IMS, making it effortless for teachers to input student data, access training materials for professional development, and engage with fellow educators for knowledge sharing and collaboration. By automating administrative tasks, educators can devote more of their time to teaching and inspiring students. AI tools within the system help administrators and educators understand the data generated by teachers and students, enabling data-driven decision-making.

*For Students:*
Supa School IMS, in conjunction with Hodari and Somanasi, offers students access to a well-structured learning environment, delivering educational content straight to their devices. The platform also provides secure spaces for classroom collaborations on mobile devices, facilitating a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

*For Parents:*
Parents are kept well-informed about their child’s progress and receive notifications directly through the platform. They can connect with teachers and school administrators via various communication channels, such as phone calls, web interfaces, WhatsApp, Telegram, or text messages. The system empowers parents to offer support and guidance to their children based on the data generated on Supa School.

Supa School IMS is much more than just a school management system. It’s a comprehensive solution that harnesses the power of AI to enhance the educational ecosystem, enabling educators, students, and parents to take a proactive role in shaping the future of education. If you have further questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Why should I consider using Kytabu's Supa School IMS in my school?

*Efficiency:* Supa School IMS simplifies administrative tasks, reducing the time and effort required for record-keeping and management. This allows educators to focus on teaching, and administrators to make data-driven decisions more efficiently.

2. *Seamless Integration:* The platform seamlessly integrates with our other educational products, Somanasi and Hodari. This integration provides a comprehensive educational ecosystem, connecting teachers, students, and parents.

3. *Data-Driven Decision-Making:* Supa School IMS leverages AI to help administrators understand the data generated by teachers and students. This data-driven approach enables more informed decisions for better resource allocation and school management.

4. *Professional Development:* The platform provides access to training materials and resources for educators to enhance their teaching skills. This encourages continuous professional development and empowers teachers to excel in their roles.

5. *Enhanced Parent Engagement:* Supa School IMS offers effective communication tools for parents to stay updated on their child’s progress, enabling them to take an active role in their child’s education.

6. *Collaboration:* The system fosters a sense of community and collaboration among educators, students, and parents. It creates a dynamic and supportive educational environment.

7. *Cost Savings:* Supa School is a free for schools using Hodari and Somanasi for their teachers and students. By reducing the reliance on traditional paperwork and standalone school management systems, Supa School IMS also helps schools save costs.

Supa School is not just a school management system; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize education by embracing technology, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. It is the future of educational management that will benefit your school, educators, students, and parents.

Is Kytabu's content aligned with the Kenyan CBC standards?

Yes, Kytabu’s educational content is meticulously aligned with the Kenyan Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) standards. We are committed to providing content that directly aligns with the curriculum standards established by the Kenyan Ministry of Education. What sets us apart is our pioneering work in building the first Large Language Model (LLM) for education content in Kenya.

Our unique approach involves using the CBC curriculum designs as our guide rails. We are integrating these designs into our AI content structure to ensure that the content we offer adheres to the exact requirements of the Kenyan CBC. This innovative initiative ensures that our educational materials are not only aligned but also optimized to enhance the learning experience for students and educators in Kenya.

By aligning our content with the CBC standards, Kytabu is setting the standard for educational resources in Kenya, with a focus on providing high-quality and relevant materials to support the country’s evolving educational landscape.

Can parents and guardians use Kytabu's products to track their child's academic progress?

Yes, parents and guardians can use Kytabu’s products to actively monitor and track their child’s academic progress. Through our integrated platforms, parents and guardians gain access to valuable insights into their child’s educational journey.

once added to the Supa School IMS, parents will be updated on their child’s progress, receive notifications, and connect with teachers and school administrators. This direct line of communication allows parents to engage in their child’s learning process and ensures they are well-informed about their academic performance. Additionally, our apps like Somanasi and Hodari provide students with AI-guided learning support and data analytics, offering parents a comprehensive view of their child’s educational development.

Kytabu empowers parents and guardians to be active participants in their child’s education and offers the tools they need to support and encourage their academic growth.

What is the cost of using Kytabu for schools and individuals?

Kytabu offers flexible pricing options to cater to the needs of both schools and individuals. Here’s an overview of our pricing:

*For Schools:*
– Supa School Standalone: Kes 12,000 per month.
– Supa School with teachers and students using Hodari and Somanasi: FREE.

*For Individuals:*
– Somanasi and Hodari have three offerings: Free, Premium, and Ultra.

– *Free:* This option allows individuals to access basic features of Somanasi and Hodari at no cost.

– *Premium:* Priced at Kes 200 per month or Kes 2,000 per year, the Premium package unlocks enhanced features and support.

– *Ultra:* For Kes 500 per month or Kes 5,000 per year, the Ultra package includes exclusive benefits such as live tutoring and customized support for educators and learners.

Please note that if a school chooses to use all three products (Somanasi, Hodari, and Supa School), they can access Supa School for free, and both Somanasi and Hodari will be on the Premium plan by default. This ensures that schools can leverage our comprehensive suite of educational tools at an affordable cost.

Kytabu is committed to offering accessible and affordable solutions for both schools and individuals, with various pricing options to suit different requirements.

How can educational institutions and individuals get started with Kytabu's products?

Getting started with Kytabu’s products is simple:

*For Educational Institutions (Schools):*
– On our website at the top right corner, click the “claim your school account” button and follow the instructions.
– On the website, you will also find links to all our apps and the Supa School Information Management System (IMS).
– For schools, we have a web app and desktop interface. Reach out to us to claim your school account and begin your journey to streamlined and enhanced education.

*For Individuals (Students, Educators, and Parents):*
– Download our mobile apps, including Somanasi and Hodari, from your respective app stores. These apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms.
– You can access our apps and educational resources on your mobile device, allowing you to learn, teach, and stay updated while on the move.

Kytabu is dedicated to making educational resources easily accessible for everyone, regardless of whether you are an educational institution or an individual seeking to enhance your learning experience. Join us on our mission to transform education and enjoy the benefits of AI-powered learning and school management.