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We are building technology for educators and parents working with children at different levels across africa. Explore our solution for teachers, parents, schools, and institutions.

Kytabu for Parents

We have been building an app experience for parents to keep track of their children’s learning progress from the comfort of your phone. You would also be integrated with Kytabu Super School Management system at your school. All round convenience.  Subscribe here to be the first to get it when we release it in 2020.

Kytabu For Teachers

Reducing the workload on teachers through technology has been a big motivator at Kytabu Inc. Now we have something coming up for teachers too. Everything from assignments, to attendance, to grading and student learning assessments. Subscribe here to be the first to get it when we release it in 2020.

Kytabu Super School

Kytabu Super School™ gives any school the most comprehensive and easy to use school management system, with simplicity, mobile integration, and seamless functionality at its core. The cloud-based school management system is free for the first term.

In response to COVID-19, it is available FREE from May to July 2020.

Beta Publishers Portal

Reach more students with your books than ever before in a single click on the Kytabu app through the Beta Publishers Portal. With instant sync, learn more from your content than you ever have before.

More Than Grades

The current course of education your child goes through will become the bedrock of their future opportunities.

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