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Do learning styles exist?

The idea of learning styles is widespread throughout the field of pedagogy and people are often categorized according to their learning style. Scientifically, however, there has been no credible evidence that supports the existence of learning styles.

Visual Learners
Kinesthetic (% of Pop.)

But that does not mean that there is a lack of preference when learning. We all like to learn in different environments, with different learning aids, audio, visual or participatory tools and they can bring remarkable improvement.

KYTABU cares, and we want to help. COVID-19 has forced schools to closed prematurely and shift to digital learning. Most, if not all schools, teachers, parents and students are struggling to keep up. Supporting and managing teachers as virtual teams, with parents as supports staff, is the new norm. Our Super School Management Software was built to work with online learning environments. We are making it free for as long as we can afford it and we will help your school set it up.

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